Water Absorb
Flavor text
Changes water into HP.

Water Absorb is an Ability seven Pokémon can have.


When a Pokémon with Water Absorb is hit by a Water-type move, its HP is restored by one quarter of its maximum HP, and the move will have no effect on that Pokémon (if a Pokémon with this Ability already has full HP, the Water-type move will do nothing).

Water Absorb will not activate if the Pokémon is protected from the Water-type move.

Pokémon with Water AbsorbEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#059 059MS Chezetta Fairy Fire Gooey Water Absorb
#060 060MS Mozzamazel Fairy Fire Gooey Water Absorb
#091 091MS Puppacti Grass Grass Rough Skin Water Absorb
#092 092MS Marionettl Grass Water Rough Skin Water Absorb
#093 093MS Tittai Water Fairy Suction Cups Water Absorb
#094 094MS Octai Water Fairy Suction Cups Water Absorb
#198 198MS Spaghefant Ground Fairy Water Absorb Intimidate
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