Flavor text
Avoids sound-based moves.

Soundproof is an Ability nine Pokémon can have.


Soundproof prevents all effect from sound-based moves, granting Pokémon with this Ability immunity from them.

Affected movesEdit

Move Type Cat.
Boomburst  Normal  Special {{{3}}}
Bug Buzz  Bug  Special {{{3}}}
Charming Cry  Fairy  Special {{{3}}}
Grass Whistle  Grass  Status {{{3}}}
Growl  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Heal Bell  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Hyper Voice  Normal  Special {{{3}}}
Metal Sound  Steel  Status {{{3}}}
Perish Song  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Roar  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Screech  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Sing  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Snore  Normal  Special {{{3}}}
Spook Out  Ghost  Physical {{{3}}}
Super Snore  Ice  Special {{{3}}}
Supersonic  Normal  Status {{{3}}}
Uproar  Normal  Special {{{3}}}

Pokémon with SoundproofEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#010 010MS Squirrap Normal Normal Soundproof
#011 011MS Gampster Normal Normal Soundproof
#075 075MS Pretzely Rock Ghost Soundproof
#083 083MS Pengas Ice Fire Soundproof Intimidate
#175 175MS Nonite Fairy Fairy Soundproof Pixilate
#176 176MS Nonegative Fairy Fairy Soundproof Pixilate
#177 177MS Nomaestro Fairy Flying Soundproof Pixilate
#275 275MS Gangnome Fairy Fairy Soundproof
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