Route 7
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Route 7
Map description
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[[|Route 7 Gym]] - Fochun Gym #{{{gymno}}}
No specialty type
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Fochun League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Champion [[{{{champion}}}|{{{champion}}}]]
Required for navigation
24px Cut
24px Surf
24px Strength
24px Flash
24px Defog
24px Whirlpool
24px Rock Smash
24px Waterfall
24px Dive
24px Rock Climb
Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle
Bag Mach Bike Sprite Mach Bike
Bag Acro Bike Sprite Acro Bike
Bag Go-Goggles Sprite Go-Goggles
Connecting locations
Route 16
Route 7
Route 6
Triport City
Fochun Route 7 Map
Location of Route 7 in Fochun.
Routes in Fochun


Item Location
Bag Super Repel Sprite Super Repel East
Bag Sharp Beak Sprite Sharp Beak Obtained from the guitarist the lake
Bag Poké Doll Sprite Poké Doll Obtained from the girl
Bag Rare Candy Sprite Rare Candy Middle
Bag HP Up Sprite HP Up Middle (hidden)
Bag Awakening Sprite Awakening Northwest
Bag Timer Ball Sprite Timer Ball Northwest (hidden)
Bag Soothe Bell Sprite Soothe Bell MooMoo Café
Bag Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal South of the MooMoo Café (hidden)
Bag Yellow Shard Sprite Yellow Shard West of the middle bridge (hidden)
Bag Guard Spec. Sprite Guard Spec. On the hill south of the bridge (hidden)
Bag Ultra Ball Sprite Ultra Ball East
Bag Ether Sprite Ether Next to the lake house (hidden)
Bag Red Shard Sprite Red Shard North of the lakes (hidden)
Bag Tiny Mushroom Sprite Tiny Mushroom South of the bridge (hidden)
Bag Full Restore Sprite Full Restore West (hidden)
Bag Revive Sprite Revive South (hidden)

MooMoo Café

MooMoo Café
Bag Moomoo Milk Sprite Moomoo Milk
Bag Moomoo Milk Sprite Moomoo Milk ×12


  Pokémon     Location     Levels   Rate
053MS Masdawg
Grass Grass
17-18 30%
063MS Conchilla
Grass Grass
17-18 30%
073MS Moostatic
Grass Grass
17-18 15%
208MS Anonymouse
Grass Grass
17-18 15%
183MS Flameboyan
Grass Grass
19-20 5%
191MS Hitmonana
Grass Grass
19-20 5%
084MS Praeteur
Surf Surfing
25-30 65%
099MS Praunch
Surf Surfing
25-40 34%
224MS Pollefin
Surf Surfing
30-40 1%
041MS Troubait
Bag Old Rod Sprite Old Rod
5-15 100%
042MS Tulure
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod
10-25 80%
099MS Praunch
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod
10-25 20%
099MS Praunch
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
10-35 55%
084MS Praeteur
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
25-40 44%
224MS Pollefin
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
30-40 1%


Trainer Pokémon
Lifter Chad
Reward: PokémonDollar624
035MS Muscledude Lv.26
Bag Choice Band Sprite Choice Band
Youngster Mike
Reward: PokémonDollar400
010MS Squirrap Lv.23
No item
010MS Squirrap Lv.24
No item
053MS Masdawg Lv.25
No item
Theorist Wilkes
Reward: PokémonDollar300
104MS Poizookie Lv.25
No item
102MS Tricient Lv.25
No item
106MS Sabreck Lv.25
No item
Furry Fag
Reward: PokémonDollar208
053MS Masdawg Lv.26
No item
125MS Inbitween Lv.26
No item
Crush Girl
Crush Girl Sashimi
Reward: PokémonDollar672
153MS Rasclobber Lv.25
No item
056MS Anaconduke Lv.28
No item
Youngster Nathan
Reward: PokémonDollar432
038MS Semrust Lv.24
No item
066MS Tankube Lv.27
No item

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