Route 6
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Route 6
Map description
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[[|Route 6 Gym]] - Fochun Gym #{{{gymno}}}
No specialty type
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Fochun League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
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Required for navigation
24px Cut
24px Surf
24px Strength
24px Flash
24px Defog
24px Whirlpool
24px Rock Smash
24px Waterfall
24px Dive
24px Rock Climb
Bag Bicycle Sprite Bicycle
Bag Mach Bike Sprite Mach Bike
Bag Acro Bike Sprite Acro Bike
Bag Go-Goggles Sprite Go-Goggles
Connecting locations
Crashed UFO
Route 7
Route 6
Route 12
Fochun Route 6 Map
Location of Route 6 in Fochun.
Routes in Fochun


Item Location
Bag Nest Ball Sprite Nest Ball South of the entrance (hidden)
Bag Cute Bow Sprite Cute Bow Obtained form the young girl
Bag Great Ball Sprite Great Ball East from UFO (hidden)
Bag Max Potion Sprite Max Potion West behind the cut tree
Bag Nugget Sprite Nugget Next to the waterfall (hidden)
Bag Burn Heal Sprite Burn Heal Next to UFO (hidden)
Bag Ether Sprite Ether Next to UFO (hidden)
Bag Tiny Mushroom Sprite Tiny Mushroom Northwest of the UFO (hidden)
Bag X Special Sprite X Special East of the stoner (hidden)
Bag Iron Sprite Iron South of the birdkeeper (hidden)
Bag Dire Hit Sprite Dire Hit On top of eastern waterfalls (hidden)
Bag TM Dark Sprite TM41 (Torment) On top of the middle waterfall
Bag Max Ether Sprite Max Ether On top of the western waterfall
Bag Nest Ball Sprite Nest Ball South of the young girl (hidden)
Bag Full Heal Sprite Full Heal Next to the last waterfall (hidden)
Bag Potion Sprite Potion South of the ranger (hidden)
Bag Repel Sprite Repel South of the ranger (hidden)
Bag Revive Sprite Revive In the stump on west (hidden)


  Pokémon     Location     Levels     Rate  
059MS Chezetta
Grass Grass
13-14 30%
063MS Conchilla
Grass Grass
13-14 30%
053MS Masdawg
Grass Grass
15-16 15%
073MS Moostatic
Grass Grass
15-16 15%
196MS Ricosheep
Grass Grass
17-18 5%
202MS Floconut
Grass Grass
17-18 5%
084MS Praeteur
Surf Surfing
20-30 65%
057MS Fishnism
Surf Surfing
20-35 34%
224MS Pollefin
Surf Surfing
35-40 1%
041MS Troubait
Bag Old Rod Sprite Old Rod
5 100%
042MS Tulure
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod
5-15 60%
041MS Troubait
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod
5-15 20%
057MS Fishnism
Bag Good Rod Sprite Good Rod
5-15 20%
085MS Praestish
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
15-30 44%
041MS Troubait
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
15-25 40%
058MS Sjwhale
Bag Super Rod Sprite Super Rod
15-35 16%


Trainer Pokémon
Youngster Yanne
Reward: PokémonDollar368
010MS Squirrap Lv.22
No item
013MS Frieden Lv.23
No item
Feminist Lilith
Reward: PokémonDollar384
042MS Tulure Lv.23
No item
057MS Fishnism Lv.24
Bag Mental Herb Sprite Mental Herb
084MS Praeteur Lv.25
No item
Weeb Naruto
Reward: PokémonDollar400
127MS Jarape Lv.23
No item
175MS Nonite Lv.25
No item
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher Stan
Reward: PokémonDollar300
044MS Pixila Lv.24
No item
212MS Ticktac Lv.23
No item
017MS Gutsifly Lv.25
No item
Bird Keeper
Bird Keeper Bruce
Reward: PokémonDollar576
013MS Frieden Lv.23
No item
026MS Birdhouse Lv.24
No item
139MS Durkey Lv.24
No item
Stoner Wayne
Reward: PokémonDollar420
039MS Furnazi Lv.24
Bag Sitrus Berry Sprite Sitrus Berry
130MS Mariguana Lv.25
Bag Leftovers Sprite Leftovers
055MS Spanke Lv.21
No item
Ranger F
Pokémon Ranger Jessie
Reward: PokémonDollar864
055MS Spanke Lv.25
No item
019MS Proboskito Lv.24
No item
Ranger M 2
Pokémon Ranger James
Reward: PokémonDollar720
091MS Puppacti Lv.25
No item
134MS Smellox Lv.24
No item
158MS Cloucat Lv.20
No item
Swimmer F
Swimmer Abby
Reward: PokémonDollar220
225MS Florigrace Lv.55
No item
Black Belt
Black Belt Tad
Reward: PokémonDollar1728
036MS Tripecs Lv.42
No item
070MS Machmona Lv.72
No item

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