Flavor text
Prevents attraction.

Oblivious is an Ability eleven Pokémon can have.


Oblivious prevents the Pokémon from being afflicted by infatuation. The Pokémon is also unaffected by Captivate.

Pokémon with ObliviousEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#055 055MS Spanke Grass Fighting Shed Skin Oblivious
#056 056MS Anaconduke Grass Fighting Shed Skin Oblivious
#097 097MS Euphoreal Dark Dark Oblivious
#098 098MS Armowite Dark Dark Oblivious
#126 126MS Geigh Fairy Flying Oblivious Serene Grace
#232 232MS Dragking Fairy Fairy Oblivious Serene Grace
#238 238MS Derpato Ground Ground Oblivious
#239 239MS Retater Ground Ground Oblivious
#240 240MS Potarded Ground Ground Oblivious
#279 279MS Walruse Water Water Hydration Oblivious
#280 280MS Walruskie Water Steel Hydration Oblivious
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