Magic Bounce
Flavor text
Reflects status moves.

Magic Bounce is an Ability five Pokémon can have.


Magic Bounce reflects the effect of all stat-lowering status moves (excluding Memento) back to the user. Magic Bounce reflects the same moves that Magic Coat does.

Moves reflected by Magic Bounce can still miss. Magic Bounce cannot reflect a move that was just reflected by Magic Coat or Magic Bounce. If a Pokémon with this Ability is in the semi-invulnerable turn of a move like Fly, Magic Bounce will not activate.

Magic Bounce cannot reflect a move if the Pokémon with Magic Bounce is immune to it due to its type or species (e.g. a Ground-type Pokémon targeted by Thunder Wave) or is protected from that move. Magic Bounce can reflect a move even if the move would fail (e.g. Disable used on a Pokémon that has not used a move or is already disabled) or have no effect on the target (e.g. Feather Dance when the target already has -6 stat|Attack).

If a move targets multiple Pokémon individually (such as Growl), it will still affect each Pokémon that does not have Magic Bounce as normal, then each Pokémon that has Magic Bounce will reflect the move individually. If a move targets an entire side (such as entry hazard moves), if one Pokémon on that side has Magic Bounce the whole side is unaffected; even if multiple Pokémon on that side have Magic Bounce, only one of the Pokémon on that side will have its Magic Bounce activate..

Pokémon with Magic Bounce:Edit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#196 196MS Ricosheep Normal Normal Speed Boost Magic Bounce
#197 197MS Ricosuave Normal Normal Speed Boost Magic Bounce
#300 300MS Cirpent Poison Fairy Prankster Magic Bounce
#301 301MS Traumobra Poison Fairy Prankster Magic Bounce
#381 381MS Narwhiz Water Fairy Magic Bounce
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