Iron Fist
Flavor text
Boosts punching moves.

Iron Fist is an Ability nine Pokémon can have.


Iron Fist causes the power of affected punching moves to increase by 20%.

Affected movesEdit

Move Type Power New Power Learned by
Bullet Punch  Steel  Status 40 48 034MS035MS036MS101MS152MS153MS154MS
Comet Punch  Normal  Status 18 21.6 152MS153MS154MS
Dizzy Punch  Normal  Status 70 84 195MS
Drain Punch  Fighting  Status 75 90 034MS035MS036MS154MS195MS
Dynamic Punch  Fighting  Status 100 120 034MS035MS036MS154MS
Falcon Punch  Flying  Status 100 120 299MS
Fire Punch  Fire  Status 75 90 034MS035MS036MS152MS153MS154MS299MS
Focus Punch  Fighting  Status 150 180 034MS035MS036MS101MS152MS153MS154MS195MS299MS
Hammer Arm  Fighting  Status 100 120 152MS153MS154MS195MS
Ice Hammer  Ice  Status 100 120
Ice Punch  Ice  Status 75 90 034MS035MS036MS101MS152MS153MS154MS195MS299MS
Mach Punch  Fighting  Status 40 48 101MS152MS153MS154MS195MS
Mega Punch  Normal  Status 80 96 034MS035MS036MS154MS299MS
Meteor Mash  Steel  Status 90 108 101MS152MS153MS154MS
Power Punch  Fighting  Status 40 48 101MS152MS153MS154MS299MS
Punch Out  Fighting  Status 70 84 154MS
Shadow Punch  Ghost  Status 60 72 152MS153MS154MS
Sky Uppercut  Fighting  Status 85 102 101MS152MS153MS154MS195MS299MS
Thunder Punch  Electric  Status 75 90 034MS035MS036MS152MS153MS154MS195MS299MS

Pokémon with Iron FistEdit

# Pokémon Type First Ability Second Ability
#034 034MS Armando Fighting Fighting Iron Fist Inner Focus
#035 035MS Muscledude Fighting Fighting Iron Fist Inner Focus
#036 036MS Tripecs Fighting Fighting Iron Fist Inner Focus
#101 101MS Mabster Water Fighting Iron Fist Swift Swim
#152 152MS Reptyke Fighting Fighting Iron Fist
#153 153MS Rasclobber Fighting Dragon Iron Fist
#154 154MS Batterex Fighting Dragon Iron Fist
#195 195MS Rekroach Bug Dark Swarm Iron Fist
#299 299MS Falcaptain Fighting Flying Big Pecks Iron Fist
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