The Town of CUM
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Basic Information Edit

The glorious town of CUM was founded on the 17th of March, 2019, marking a historic moment for it’s first settlers. It's founders are funny dog, Vyprin, Kasuri (Kasuree). It is located at coordinates 1532 64 2682. The settlement is connected via Hyperloop.

History Edit

When funny dog and Vyprin first laid on the land they were starstruck, and knew this land was their god given right. Erecting a massive cobblestone obelisk known as “The Spire”, this became CUM.

Later, a buffoon known as Kasuri stumbled onto the buildsite, unaware that he was destined to arrive at this holy site. Being one with nature, he circumcised the local forest, becoming the Circumservatory. This is a place of meditation and serenity to this very day.

It’s flag is a red cross on a white background, representing how cum is red, but can sometimes be white. It is said to have fallen from the sky to land on the Spire, where is can grace all who see it. The red cross is an important cultural symbol which unites all the residents.

As structures rose, a lost explorer known as RegretLX arrived in the hamlet. He was on the search for the famed “silk touch pickaxe”, but as he was illiterate, he instead settled down and built a shack with that grass top.

Soon tragedy struck the settlement. The death of two dogs in a brutal fight lead to the creation of a rule dictating that murdering dogs result in punishment by death. Later Kasuri set John, funny dog’s second dog, alight. This resulted in his unfortunate demise, in front of the entire population of CUM. This lead to the first act of capital punishment in CUM, where Kasuri was executed via Lava Pit.
2019-03-21 20.23.04

He ate his own shit.

Later, an enormous army of Garflimes breached the newly constructed wall. Shouting slurs such as "It's what I do" and "I want some lasaga", it is assumed that they were searching for food. CUM was quick to rally, also calling on it's neighbours to assist in it's defense. Swarming the town, it was a bloody massacre. By some act of god, CUM and it's allies amnaged to repel the Garflime invasion, entirely eradicating their forces. A monument was built to honour those who bravely sacrificed their lives in the defense of CUM.

== Politics ==
On the 17th of March, 2019, CUM became officially allied with the city state of Veepier. CUM has no other known allies or enemies.

Achievements Edit

- Circumcising a hebrew

- Leveling California

- Putting out a massive fire in a local village, with CUM power!

- Built a huge PENIS

-Defeating an army of trannies

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