An Ability is a game mechanic that provides a passive effect in battle or in the overworld. Individual Pokémon may have only one Ability at a time.

Aside from evolution, there are two ways for Pokémon to change Abilities in a permanent manner. One way is if the Pokémon has different forms with different Abilities. Another way is through the Ability Pill. The Ability Pill actually changes a Pokémon's Ability slot, but it will not work if the species has only one Ability.

Not every Ability is beneficial; some will hinder the user.

Ability Effect Single Dual
Adaptability Boosts same type attacks. 1 1
Aftermath Fainting damages the foe. 3 6
Air Lock Negates weather effects. 1
Analytic Moving last boosts power. 4
Arena Trap Prevents fleeing. 3
Battle Armor Blocks critical hits. 1 2
Big Pecks Prevents Defense reduction. 4 3
Blaze Ups Fire moves in a pinch. 6 3
Bulletproof Avoids ball and bomb moves. 2
Cacophony Avoids sound-based moves. 1
Chlorophyll Raise Speed in sunshine. 3
Clear Body Prevents ability reduction. 3
Cloud Nine Negates weather effects. 1
Color Change Changes type to foe's move. 2
Compound Eyes Raises accuracy. 9
Cursed Body May disable a foe's move. 3 11
Cute Charm Infatuates on contact. 1 10
Damp Prevents self-destruction. 3
Download Adjusts power from foe's stats. 4
Drizzle Summons rain in battle. 1
Drought Summons sunlight in battle. 2
Dry Skin Prefers the rain to heat. 2 1
Early Bird Awakens quickly from sleep. 2 1
Effect Spore Leaves spores on contact. 2 2
Filter Powers down "Super effective" moves. 2
Flame Body Burns the foe on contact. 3 6
Flash Fire Powers up if hit by fire. 4
Forecast Changes with the weather. 1
Gale Wings Flying moves hit first. 2
Gooey Lowers Speed on contact. 4
Guts Ups Attack if suffering. 1 8
Healer May heal an ally's status conditions. 2
Heatproof Heat protection. 1 1
Huge Power Raises Attack. 3 3
Hustle Trades accuracy for power. 3
Hydration Heals status problems in rain. 5
Hyper Cutter Prevents Attack reduction. 1 3
Ice Body Slight HP recovery in hail. 6
Illuminate Encounter rate increases. 3
Immunity Prevents poisoning. 1 4
Infiltrator Passes through barriers. 1
Inner Focus Prevents flinching. 3
Insomnia Prevents sleep. 6
Intimidate Lowers the foe’s Attack. 5 16
Iron Barbs Hurts to touch. 2
Iron Fist Boosts punching moves. 3 6
Keen Eye Prevents loss of accuracy. 9
Levitate Not hit by Ground attacks. 6 11
Lightning Rod Draws electrical moves. 6
Limber Prevents paralysis. 1
Liquid Ooze Draining causes injury. 3
Magic Bounce Reflects status moves. 1 4
Magic Guard Only damaged by attacks. 1
Magnet Pull Traps Steel-type Pokémon. 1 1
Marvel Scale Ups Defense if suffering. 2
Mega Launcher Boosts aura and pulse moves. 4
Minus Powers up with Plus. 2
Moody Raises one stat and lowers another. 4
Motor Drive Turns electricity into Speed. 1
Moxie Knockouts boost attack. 2
Multiscale Reduces damage when HP is full. 1
Mummy Spreads with contact. 1
Natural Cure Heals upon switching out. 1 4
No Guard Ensures that all moves land. 1 3
Normalize All moves become Normal type. 2
Oblivious Prevents attraction. 5 6
Overcoat Immune to weather and powder. 1
Overgrow Ups Grass moves in a pinch. 6
Own Tempo Prevents confusion. 2 6
Pickup May pick up items. 1 2
Pixilate Normal-type moves become Fairy-type. 3
Plus Powers up with Minus. 3
Poison Heal Restores HP if poisoned. 1
Poison Point Poisons foe on contact. 4 7
Prankster Status moves hit first. 3 13
Pressure Raises foe's PP usage. 5 2
Pure Power Raises Attack. 2
Quick Feet Ups Speed if suffering. 2 4
Rain Dish Slight HP recovery in rain. 1
Reckless Boosts moves with recoil. 4
Refrigerate Normal-type moves become Ice-type. 1
Regenerator Heals upon switching out. 4 5
Rivalry Boosts moves against rivals. 1 3
Rock Head Prevents recoil damage. 7
Rough Skin Hurts to touch. 10
Run Away Makes escaping easier. 4
Sand Stream Summons a sandstorm. 2 3
Sand Force Boosts certain moves' power in a sandstorm. 1
Sand Rush Raises Speed in sandstorm. 1
Sand Veil Ups evasion in a sandstorm. 4
Sap Sipper Boosts Attack if hit by Grass. 5
Scrappy Moves hit Ghost-type Pokémon. 5
Serene Grace Promotes added effects. 2 6
Shadow Tag Prevents the foe's escape. 2 2
Shed Skin Heals the body by shedding. 1 4
Sheer Force Trades added effects for power. 2 8
Shell Armor Blocks critical hits. 8
Shield Dust Prevents added effects. 7
Skill Link Multi-hit moves hit five times. 4
Sniper Boosts critical hits. 9
Snow Cloak Ups evasion in hail. 4
Snow Warning Summons a hailstorm in battle. 3
Solar Power Boosts Sp. Atk, but lowers HP in sunshine. 1 1
Solid Rock Powers down "Super effective" moves. 3 3
Soundproof Avoids sound-based moves. 4 4
Speed Boost Gradually boosts Speed. 4 5
Static Paralyzes on contact. 6
Steelworker Powers up Steel-type moves.. 1
Stench Helps repel wild Pokémon. 1 1
Sticky Hold Prevents item theft. 1
Storm Drain Draws Water moves. 2
Strong Jaw Boosts biting moves. 1 6
Sturdy Negates 1-hit KO attacks. 2 7
Suction Cups Firmly anchors the body. 1 2
Super Luck Critical hits land more often. 2 2
Swarm Ups Bug moves in a pinch. 7
Swift Swim Raises Speed in rain. 6
Synchronize Passes on status problems. 8
Technician Boosts weaker moves. 1 2
Thick Fat Heat-and-cold protection. 9
Tinted Lens Boosts "not very effective" moves. 1 1
Torrent Ups Water moves in a pinch. 6 3
Tough Claws Boosts moves that make contact. 3 4
Trace Copies special ability. 3 3
Truant Moves only every two turns. 1 2
Victory Star Raises accuracy. 1
Vital Spirit Prevents sleep. 1 2
Volt Absorb Turns electricity into HP. 3
Water Absorb Changes water into HP. 7
Water Veil Prevents burns. 2
White Smoke Prevents ability reduction. 1 5
Wonder Guard "Super effective" hits. 1
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